This protected area is formed by a group of rivers and estuaries that forms a RAMSAR site wetland, an international category of protection for
these ecosystems. Cuero y Salado it´s highlighted by a great biodiversity of birds, where has been identified more than 200 species. For this reason, it is a bird watchers “hot spot”.

However, the iconic species of Cuero y Salado it´s the manatee, an endangered aquatic mammal, that lives on the rivers and channels of this wetland. To take a tour around the aquatic trails, it´s possible to hire a tour offered by Cuero y Salado Tours, an specialized community enterprise. On this tour, you will enjoy watching monkeys, crocodiles, bats among other animals, besides to be surrounded by a mangrove forest.

Sustainable Tourism Destinations that you should not miss

  • Salado Barra Town: when you arrive to Cuero y Salado don´t forget to visit the vicinity, where you can enjoy several gastronomic experiences and learn about the local culture and their coexistence with this beautiful natural environment.
  • Cuero y Salado rivers aquatic trails: offered by Cuero y Salado Tours.
  • Ereba Chips Casabe Factory: Casabe Tour and Gastronomic Workshops, where the visitor can have an encounter with local casaba producers and learn to cook delicious canapes.

Enjoy sustainable tourism experiences in this majestic nature reserve

Water trails for observation of flora and fauna of the place in the Cuero and Salado river, offered by Cuero and Salado Tours:

  • Meet the Salado Barra community
  • Birdwatching
  • Cuero y Salado experience
  • Casabe cultural experience
  • Gastronomic Workshop of Casabe


How to get:

Take the CA 13 road towards Tela, approx. at Km 20 take detour towards La Unión and look for the train station that goes to Cuero y Salado. To reach this protected area, the most common way is through a tourist train or motorcycle that adds value to the experience, since the same in a symbol of the Honduran banana heritage and the railway line is considered the first Which was built in the country.