This archipelago is made up of 2 large islands and 13 islets or cays, its waters are clear and have a significant diversity of approximately 115 species of coral and more than 150 species of fish, it is possible to see 60 of those species at authorized snorkel sites. An entire festival of colors where species of parrot fish, surgeon fish and varieties of brain coral, sea fans and elkhorn coral.
In the terrestrial part of the island we can find two iconic species, the pink boa of Cayos Cochinos, a unique type of boa and the spiny-tailed black iguana, endemic of Cayos Cochinos and the Aguan Valley, territory located south of the Pico Bonito National Park. These species are found only on the large islands, where we suggest the visit to the Information Center at the community of East End, Cayo Mayor, to learn more about these species and others living in the tropical forest of these islands.

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How to get:

The departure point of the boats to Cayos Cochinos is the Garífuna community of Sambo Creek, 25 km from La Ceiba.

What should you bring?
Fresh clothes, suitable for adventure activities, comfortable shoes and sandals, swimsuit, towel, water, bottle, sunglasses, cap or hat, sunblock, mosquito, repellent, binoculars, camera, waterproof jacket.

Enjoy sustainable tourism experiences in this majestic nature reserve:

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