Barras de Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge

Atlántida, North Coast of Honduras

Born as an economic alternative for the population residing inside the protected area, since 2012, they offer guided aquatic tours and cultural experiences, the partners of the company since the beginning have supported environmental restoration activities and know every detail of the nature of the place .

Cuero Salado Experience
Begin with a train journey, symbol of the banana heritage of the area, to the Salado river bar, where you can learn a little about local life and its gastronomy, tasting a fresh cheese called “cuajada” or have a basket of cookies and hotcakes baked in firewood. In the river you will cross aquatic trails, you will be able to appreciate monkeys, birds and aquatic species such as caimans, turtles or, if you are very lucky, a shy manatee. End your trip with a swin in the sea and delicious Caribbean food.

This experience includes:
• Train journey
• Gastronomic experience
• Aquatic tour or guided birdwatching
• Lunch
• Cuajada or cookies as refreshment

Ask about the bird-watching tour.

Cuero y Salado Tours
What does it offer? Excursions
Cayos Cochinos
Salado Barra, Cuero y Salado, El Porvenir, Honduras
How to Get
From the city of La Ceiba you should head to the community of La Unión, following the CA13 road towards Tela, the detour to the community is approximately at km 20 on the right, it is keep going for approximately 3.7 km to the Train Station to Cuero y Salado, where you can board the train that will take you to the community of Salado Barra, the office of Cuero y Salado Tours is adjacent to the Visitor Center of Cuero y Salado.
Name: Walkiriam Mendez
Phone: + 504 94896058