Pico Bonito, Atlántida

North Coast of Honduras

Youth association, born of the Guaruma youth leadership program that formed them in photography and environment. Their tours stand out for promoting rural life and nature, contributing to the Guaruma program from its income.

Guaruma Educational Trail
It is a guided tour among fruit trees, medicinal plants, timber and some orchids including their ecological importance and interpretation. The trail ends with a refreshing plunge in the crystal clear waters of La Muralla stream. The difficulty is low, with a duration of approximately 2.5 hours. It includes a light meal.

Trail through the tropical forest and Bejuco waterfall
The trail begins with a seemingly impenetrable green wall. It is the habitat of hundreds of species and an icon, thanks to the beautiful Bejuco waterfall, which gives a wonderful postcard at the end of the walk. The difficulty is high, with a duration of approximately 4 hours. It includes a light meal.

Tropical Fish Tour
Snorkel through the Cangrejal river and its tributaries, where you can discover more than 70 species of fish, of which 3 are unique to this ecosystem. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and includes a light meal.

Photography Tour
A group of young photographers formed by the Guaruma organization with the help of Foto Kids — some of them with international awards– will guide you to the basin and trails of the Cangrejal river for a photographic tour of wildlife in a majestic natural scenery. The tour lasts approximately 4 hours and includes a light meal.

Cangrejal Tours
What does it offer? Excursions
Pico Bonito National Park
Las Mangas, La Ceiba – Yaruca Street, Km 12, La Ceiba, Honduras
How to Get
From the city of La Ceiba you must take the road to Trujillo, after the Saopín bridge you take the turnoff to the road La Ceiba – Yaruca, due to drive to km 12 to the community of Las Mangas, the offices of Cangrejal Tours are right next of the Guaruma organization.
Name: Walkiriam Mendez
Phone: + 504 94896058
Email: info@reservacioneslaceiba.com
Whatsapp: Yes
web: www.explorelaceiba.com