Río Dulce National Park and Livingston, Izabal, Guatemala – Natural Marine Monument, Cayos Cochinos Archipelago, Atlántida, North Coast of Honduras.

Circuits Caribe Maya
Live authentic cultural experiences by entering into contact with the host communities, while enjoying their gastronomy, handicrafts, dances, rituals and other manifestations of both cultures, which are located in natural reserves of incomparable beauty.


  • Start the day visiting the Tatín-Ak’ Tenamit River Eco Tourism Center. Enjoy the traditional Deer Dance, visit trails and orchards, participate in a Mayan ceremony and prepare your own tortillas.
  • Learn to prepare Pachay Fish, a characteristic dish of the Mayan Q’eqch’i ethnicity and taste this ancestral recipe.
  • Prepare and taste your own Caribbean ceviche, participating in the workshop directed by the Cayo Quemado Women’s Committee.
  • Visit the Agua Caliente Natural Spa: enter in a cave, prepare yourself a mask with naturally mineralized clay, enter the natural sauna, enjoy an exotic energizing beverage and dive in the sulphureous thermal waters. If you wish, you may end this healthy journey with a relaxing massage.
  • Live the Caribe Maya experience: enjoy a unique show in which 20 members of the Garifuna Percussion Orchestra of Guatemala will delight you with their music and dance. Taste a dish with the best of Garifuna and Mayan Q’eqch’i gastronomy.
  • Learn about the story of the arrival of the Garifuna to Livingston through the Murals Tour. Ride a tuc tuc (motorcycle-taxi) to go to the House of Casabe, where you will participate in a workshop to learn the traditional preparation of this typical Caribbean dish.
  • Participate in a creative workshop of Art and Nature in trails of the Pico Bonito National Park, directed by young local artists.
  • Connect with the Garifuna Experience in Cayo Mayor in the Natural Marine Monument of Cayos Cochinos Archipelago. Get in touch with the Caribbean culture, while visiting a virgin beach, taking a snorkel tour and walking the paths to see the pink boa.
  • To finish this wonderful journey, you will enjoy the Garifuna gastronomy, music and dance, which are World Heritage of Humanity.

To book the circuit you can contact the Reservation Center or your local agent


Experiencia Senderismo Grande Quehueche en Caribe Maya

Nature and Adventure


Circuito Izabal en el Caribe Maya de Guatemala