Río Dulce National Park, Izabal, Guatemala and Sarstún River Multiple Use Area, Izabal, Guatemala.

Circuits in the Caribe Maya
Learn about the history, customs and traditions of the Caribe Maya through the flavors, scents and textures of the most traditional recipes of the place, prepared by the host communities, in spectacular protected areas.

Live an unforgettable culinary experience, participating actively in the preparation of the most delicious typical dishes of the region of Izabal, in the Guatemalan Caribbean, where the Mayan Q’eqch’i and Garifuna cultures will share the best of their gastronomy and traditions.

In addition, you can enjoy an incomparable tasting of innovative proposals of gastronomic creative tourism in the Caribe Maya of the North Coast of Honduras.


  • Healthy detoxifying drinks
  • Infusion of almond leaves, lemon and avocado leaves
  • Malanga soup, a tuber cultivated in the region
  • Pachay Fish with the ancestral recipe of the Mayan Q’eqch’i ethnicity
  • Seafood ceviche
  • Jocote de mico dessert
  • Cabbage and beet salad and beetroot with Casabe chips
  • Seafood tapado
  • Rice and beans
  • Coconut flan
  • Cannelloni stuffed with juncus and corn
  • Yucca in garlic sauce
  • Pinol delicacy and other delicious food of the place Connect with the flavors of the Caribe Maya
  • Cinnamon cookies with pepper and honey, coconut and ginger cookies or oats and honey cookies.
  • Fish tacos
  • Fish soup with machuca
  • Casabe appetizers and treats

To book the circuit you can contact the Reservation Center or your local agent