Río Dulce National Park, Izabal, Guatemala and Sarstún River Multiple Use Area, Izabal, Guatemala – Pico Bonito National Park, Cangrejal river and Archipelago Cayos Cochinos Natural Marine Monument, Atlántida, North Coast of Honduras.

Active and culture turism in Caribe Maya

Connect with the culture by sharing with the host communities, discover new destinations of nature and adventure, in the most impressive protected territories of the Caribe Maya.


  • Visit the Agua Caliente Natural Spa: enter in a cave, prepare yourself a mask with naturally mineralized clay, enter the natural sauna, enjoy an exotic energizing beverage and dive in the sulphureous thermal waters. If you wish, you may end this healthy journey with a relaxing massage.
  • Live the Caribe Maya experience: enjoy a unique show in which 20 members of the Garifuna Percussion Orchestra of Guatemala will delight you with their music and dance. Taste a dish with the best of Garifuna and Mayan Q’eqch’i gastronomy.
  • Hike through the Tropical forest Plan Grande Quehueche to the pristine natural pools of 7 Altares, where you can take a refreshing swim in a spectacular environment.
  • Have an authentic encounter with the Mayan Q’eqch’i culture in Plan Grande Quehueche. Participate in a Mayan ceremony and taste the local gastronomy, while enjoying the music of the marimba, played by the hosts.

Pico Bonito.

  • Participate in the art and nature workshop where young local artists will share their art and lead the participants to paint on canvas, the most beautiful the flora and fauna of Pico Bonito National Park.
  • Practice snorkeling and do the tour of tropical fish in the Cangrejal river.
  • Enjoy tubing down in the overflowing Cangrejal river.
  • Connect with the Garifuna Experience in Cayo Mayor in the Natural Marine Monument of Cayos Cochinos Archipelago. Get in touch with the Caribbean culture, while visiting a virgin beach, taking a snorkel tour and walking the paths to see the pink boa. In the East End community you will have an authentic encounter with the Garifuna culture, their music, their dance and gastronomy –World Heritage of Humanity–, while you learn about the history of their presence in the Honduran Caribbean.

To book the circuit you can contact the Reservation Center or your local agent


Circuito en la Costa Norte de Honduras del Caribe Maya

North Coast of Honduras



Circuito Izabal en el Caribe Maya de Guatemala




Circuito Sabores en el Caribe Maya de Guatemala

Flavors of the Caribe Maya