Copán is an archaeological site of the ancient Mayan civilization located in the department of Copán to the west of Honduras. It was the capital of an important kingdom of the Classic Maya period, its citadel and imposing public square reflects the three main stages of development of the city, constituting a representative example of a type of architectural ensemble that illustrates several significant periods of the history of Mayan civilization. The Hieroglyphic Staircase, located on the facade of Structure 10L-26, which has the longest known Maya hieroglyph inscription, is associated with events and beliefs of the Maya, added to that it is constituted in an artistic work that has a meaning Universal. In 1980 Copán was declared by UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

How to get

Arrival time from the city of San Pedro Sula: 3.5 hours.

San Pedro Sula to have the most important international airport, is the gateway to Copán, from there you must take the road from the west or CA-4 to La Entrada Copán which is 119 km away; From here take the CA-11 road to Copán Ruinas, the route is 66 km and takes a little more than 1 hour.

Contact: Asociación de Guías Copán

Phone: (504)2651-4018 / (504)9828-3791